Friday, November 13, 2015

Powder Room - First Room Complete!

One room of our secondhand house is COMPLETE! The powder room. Though it's the smallest room of our house, I love it. I feel like it's my style and I want the other rooms of the house to be of similar style when all said and done.

One of our "best finds" of last year's challenge was the sink that we found for our powder room. After seeing pictures of my friends Jason and Carrie's newly remodeled bathroom, I wanted something like their sink. I was all set to order that same sink online, but figured I should shop a little more before impulsively spending a chunk of cash on such a permanent object. Andrew and I went to the Habitat Restore that next weekend and as luck would have it, there was the SAME model of sink as my friends' sitting in a pile of icky, old, too-used sinks. We snatched it up immediately and gave it an inspection, noting a little scratch on the underside. Of course we bought it...for only $32.48! Andrew then found the matching pedestal on Amazon for $63.20. The new sink+pedestal sells for $328.62 on Amazon.

After scouring Craigslist and shopping retail stores for months to no avail, we finally found a mirror we liked at Miguel's, a local importer of Mexican goods.

As our projects usually go, I have the vision and Andrew makes the vision a reality. The look and function of chunky wooden shelves exceeded my expectations. Thanks to my personal carpenter!

Last and certainly not least, I purchased a painting from my talented friend Kristyn of Campfire Design Co. to hang when you first open the bathroom door. I love it and admire it everyday. Thanks Kristyn!

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER shots...

I don't miss the seashell shaped sink

And two more things...we've gotten lots and lots of compliments on the wall color. These pictures do not do it justice! The color is NYPD Blue from Behr. 

Once we took down the huge old mirror above the sink, we found no wall texturing behind it. So Andrew "skimmed coated" all four of the bathroom walls so that their textures would all match. We used this tutorial.