Sunday, June 21, 2015

New / Used Dining Room, Entryway, Stairway

New - because we got NEW tile, Used - because this is a blog about all things secondhand. To replace the carpet in the dining room (CARPET in dining room!? necessarily replaced before we became a family with two little mess makin' boys) we chose somewhere between a slate and concrete looking tile. To tie the large room (which is the open dining room, entryway, living room, and stairway) together we also put the tile in the entryway and the step up to the master bedroom by the hall closet (not pictured). So all "elevated" areas are now tile! We bought enough of this tile to also tile the kitchen, someday waaaay in the future when we totally remodel the kitchen. 
Check out the befores and afters!

Bye bye outdated chandelier...
...hello fancy tile. Table and chairs purchased from Craigslist - originally $4000+ from Crate & Barrel which bought for $800. "New" pendant light also purchased from Craigslist.

Mismatched-80s style-weirdly placed tile in the entry way. Wood trim around doorways. Yellow/gold wood stained banisters, hand rail, and cream stair railing.
MUCH BETTER - updated tile, painted wood trim around all doorways (powder room is there to the left of the front door), entry table (Craigslist purchase) and art ("W" decoration from our wedding, I find many frames at Goodwill/Salvation Army)! Two things not obvious in the pictures (1) I'm working on staining the stairway banisters and hand rails a darker color. One coat is complete in this picture (2) the stair railings are now black to give a wrought iron look (see following pictures)

Outdated glass on front door and those shutter things on the windows above the door & stairs. See how light isn't allowed in?!
Let there be light.

Still on the TO DO LIST:
Finish staining stairway handrails and banisters
Hardwood flooring on stairs 
New pendant light fixtures for entryway and stairway
Paint all doors bright white to match trim (not front door)
Replace all of the door hardware (front door and interior doors)
Paint entry table a fun color
New remote control shades for the windows above front door and stairway
Art in dining room
Add trim in dining room

Saturday, June 6, 2015

One Year! and Kitchen Update

We moved into our secondhand house on June 7, 2014 and we've been non-stop home improvers ever since! There's always something to do...and any project takes 10-20x as long to do with kids than without kids. With that said, I think we've accomplished a good amount and we have definitely made our house a home.

The most dramatic improvement and most time we've spent on a room is THE KITCHEN! I started by painting the cabinets before we moved in. This was a HUGE job both energy and time-wise (it took me probably a week of nap times and after bedtime work) and we didn't get the doors hung until after we moved in. But it was totally worth it. The lighter color makes the kitchen appear so much bigger and brighter, not to mention more modern!


Cabinet paint color: Behr Mourning Dove with new oil rubbed bronze hardware
Wall paint color: Behr Tower Bridge



New light fixture found on Craigslist replaced the ceiling fan in the breakfast room. We use the breakfast room daily; Elijah eats breakfast and lunch at his little table in the corner (which was found on the roadside and painted the same color as the cabinets).

Elijah got a "new" kitchen too! We found this old cabinet at the Habitat Resale Store, as well as the faucet. I painted the cabinet to look like an oven and sink. Andrew fashioned an oven door and cut a whole for the dog bowl sink.


 Note: the wainscoting! I love it. This part of the cabinets was really "chewed up" (literally) because the previous owners kept their dogs penned up in this area. Andrew did all the installation of the bead board, and I did all the painting (we're a great team like that). Also, see the secondhand table runner made from doilies from various flea markets. And also secondhand (though purchased before we moved into this house) the breakfast room table, and the "Learning Tower." 

Still on the TO DO list: 
-paint doors to garage, laundry room and pantry bright white
-strip and paint breakfast room table and chairs (I'm thinking candy apple red chairs!)
-refurbish already purchased vintage table fan (it gets quite stuffy in here when cooking in the summer so I can understand why previously there was a ceiling fan in the breakfast room)
-look in to possibly staining the tile grout a lighter color so there's not so much contrast between tile and grout

Someday, waaaaaay in the future we'd like to totally remodel the kitchen. Until then, we are happy with our "phase 1" update as all of the appliances function well and we now have a fresh look.