Friday, August 1, 2014

Gifts Galore!

By committing to live by thrift and frugality this year, we committed that gifts that we give still apply to those "rules." So far most of the gifts that we've given this year have been handmade...

I make onesies! I think I've made 20+ onesies for baby showers and first birthdays this year. During my mommy time at home when we had a newborn (or as my neighbor referred to it as "baby jail"), I created an Etsy shop where I sell these cutie clothes
 It's fun!

As with all of my and Andrew's projects, I'm the one with the vision and Andrew makes that vision possible. We made these crosses for our godson and our baby. I found the idea from a picture online and Andrew made them a reality with a miter saw and wood glue. I finished them up with some wood stain and varnish.

Technically these were Christmas presents from 2013...but I have to share! We made them for my parents and Andrew's aunt and uncle. We put our wine and beer drinking to good use - beer cap stepping stones and wine bottle lanterns! Repurposed plus some new materials.

Another gift idea was to get our one year old friend some books from Half Price Books. Many of the books in the kid's section (and beyond the kids section) are new or barely used.

Besides "things," we've also given the gift of experience. For our friend's first birthday we took him
to the Austin Aquarium and then out for a cupcake treat.

I think people really appreciate thoughtful, handmade gifts!

Adding to the numbers, the value of the onesies...

Year-to-Date Numbers
Secondhand Item Expenses:  $312
Would-be Cost if Purchased New:   $989
Handmade Item Material Expenses:  $230
Would-be Cost if Purchased New:  $520