Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ready for Toddler Times

With our baby turning into a little boy comes exploring, new found interests, and the need for bigger clothes. Welcome to Toddler-Land! Since spreading the word to my friends about our secondhand mission, and posting to Facebook, I received many tips, tricks, and recommendations for finding secondhand items.

One of the highest "bang-for-our-buck" purchases has been a toddler wardrobe from our neighbor. She let me look through all of her boys' clothes and pick what I wanted - for $60 I came away with 60 pieces of 18 month - 24 month clothes for our lil tot. Score!

Our little one has taken a liking to cars, or in his words, "beep beeps." Andrew found this race track with 10 cars on Craigslist for $8. My friend Marilyn also bought him some cars at an event held a few times thorughout Austin called Fairytale Threads. I even have scouts looking out for secondhand stuff that I want, haha!

I also went Craigslist hunting for some things…a step stool and a bed rail…both easy to find and both  were sold by someone in our neighborhood - lovin' the community here.

Once Upon A Child is my go-to for baby/little kid shoes. They have never let me down. Everytime I've gone in for a pair, I come away with at least 2 pairs.

At St. Michaels Thrift Shop, I came across this head board I could not pass up - twas only $15! I'll put a fresh coat of paint on it and it'll be good as new to put in the little guy's room for a future big-boy-bed.

My next big purchase for the little will be a "learning tower." Our guy is reaching up to the counter top and wanting to be held so he can see what's going on up there. I've been scouring craiglist for this one and there's not much supply...

In summary, I shop around many different venues (Craigslist, thrift stores, second-hands sales, consignment shops, friends/neighbors) and I can find all my little boy needs to keep him clothed and entertained the secondhand way!

Adding the clothes, shoes, bed rail, step stool, and toy cars to the numbers...

Year-to-Date Numbers
Secondhand Item Expenses:  $312
Would-be Cost if Purchased New:   $989
Handmade Item Material Expenses:  $30
Would-be Cost if Purchased New:  $120

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