Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Since our baby started going to a "mother's day out" type program at our church, I had some free time to shop alone at Goodwill (Re: I was able to try on clothes without distractions/crying/whining/chasing). I brought home a handful of clothes from Old Navy, Gap, and some other "off" brands, spending about $50. One of the shirts didn't quite seem right so I changed out the buttons to contrast more and give it a glam look.

Not so great looking red pearl buttons
Much better! Gold buttons from JoAnn's
I've also been wanting some storage for Elijah's stuffed animals. I have been looking for some second hand garden baskets for quite some time with no success...

This is SO cute, no?
But I did find a basket that will do the trick! To freshen it up, first, I cut off the nasty handles that looked as if they had been gnarled by a woodland creature.

 Then I painted the basket using simple glossy bright white paint that we have in our paint stash (for a future project of painting all the trim and baseboards in the house). The paint was pretty thick so I watered it down, probably 1:3 water:paint. The paint went on in one coat simply with a 2 inch angled brush. Then for a little something special, I gave it a gold-dipped look by painting the bottom 2 inches with some leftover gold craft paint.

Goldie the dog and her new basket

Party in the basket!
A little work to give some items a 'face lift' so even though they aren't new - they look new!

I spent around $50 at Goodwill for a pair of pants, 4 shirts, and a sun dress. Let's say "new" those items would have cost $125, as a conservative estimate (I only shop sales for "new" clothing anyway ;))…..

 Year-to-Date Numbers
Secondhand Item Expenses:  $91
Would-be Cost if Purchased New:   $215
Handmade Item Material Expenses:  $0
Cost Savings from Handmaking Items:  $0

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