Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recent Finds at Goodwill and Salvation Army - Which Store Do You Prefer?

To do my shopping, so far I've stayed within my comfort zone of our local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Hands down, our closest Salvation Army is more clean, cheaper, more organized and has a better selection than the Goodwill stores near us. Which do you prefer between the two secondhand stores?

Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker - $3 at Salvation Army ($16.87 on Once piece was missing when I got it, and another couple pieces were missing when I took the picture due to toddler who likes to hide things in our shoes. 

Dog puzzle originally from Target - $3 at Salvation Army (approximately $13 new). All pieces were present at the time of purchase, not when the photo was taken. 

I've always wanted one of these! I see yummy recipes on Pinterest for popsicles frequently, so hopefully I'll actually use it when the weather warms up. $3 at Salvation Army - $8.95 new

A string of hanging lanterns, another thing I've been wanting but just never got around to purchasing them…original price from Target $17.99, for $8 at Goodwill. *I need to find more just like this*

Photo album $2 at Goodwill, with my best guess if purchased new $6

Rough looking basket. I'm going to take those gnarly handles off and paint it and then use it to store Elijah's stuffed animals. $2 at Goodwill, best guess at original price is $15.

I also found some stylin' new sunglasses for myself, which still had the price tag on them, for $2 at Goodwill originally $9.99. Andrew and I decided that we could occasionally buy "new" stuff (i.e., items with the price tag still on them) as long as it comes from a secondhand store. We won't make it a habit of always buying "new" stuff from secondhand stores, thus defeating the purpose of our project. 

Year-to-Date Numbers
Secondhand Item Expenses:  $41
Cost Savings from Purchasing Secondhand:   $170
Handmade Item Material Expenses:  $0
Cost Savings from Handmaking Items:  $0

Note: Handmaking items requires time, and time is extremely valuable. However, handmaking things happens to be a hobby we enjoy, so we don't consider it an expense. The expense of handmaking items is derived only from the materials needed.

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